WEEK 13 - WEEK 27

WEEK 13 - WEEK 27

15 Seasons

Here are your workouts for the 2nd Trimester! We take a methodical approach to building strength, increasing your core capacity, and continuing to train for birth and beyond. Throughout this trimester we will begin to modify movements to accommodate for your growing belly. Please take note of any abdominal coning - if you see coning coming through the center of your abdominal wall, please modify that movement. If you need any help with modifications, don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected]

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WEEK 13 - WEEK 27
  • Total Leg Strength

    Episode 1

    Pop country lower body strength day! activation superset, AMRAP, and lunge finisher. Let's work!

    Equipment: chair, medium weights, resistance bands

  • Full Body Fire

    Episode 2

    A lot of full body combo moves here and timed circuits decreasing in work time each set. Let's GO!

    Equipment: light weights, medium weights

  • Strong Back, Biceps, & Core

    Episode 3

    Pure strength circuits here with a big ladder circuit that will make you feel so strong

    Equipment: medium weights, resistance bands

  • 2nd Trimester Full Body Flow

    Episode 4

    Full body flow for 2nd trimester specific mamas. Targeting and lengthening our arms, legs, and core here

    Equipment: none