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    Welcome, mamas! Whether you just found out you are pregnant or are cruising through your second trimester, I am so happy you have decided to join the Build & Burn Pregnancy Program! As a Certified Pre & Postnatal Fitness Trainer, I have equipped myself with the tools, knowledge, and first hand ex...

  • WEEK 5 - WEEK 12

    8 seasons

    This 1st trimester program will take you from week 5 through week 12 of your pregnancy. There may be days where you're feeling low energy & on those days, feel free to drop down in weights or go completely bodyweight. This is program is made to motivate you through your 1st trimester, but please ...

  • WEEK 13 - WEEK 27

    15 seasons

    Here are your workouts for the 2nd Trimester! We take a methodical approach to building strength, increasing your core capacity, and continuing to train for birth and beyond. Throughout this trimester we will begin to modify movements to accommodate for your growing belly. Please take note of any...

  • WEEK 28 - WEEK 40

    13 seasons

    The final stretch, mamas! The 3rd trimester program takes you from week 28 through your last days of pregnancy. We start to incorporate pelvic floor lengthening, hip mobility, and more! This phase is all about maintenance - staying consistent with movement as much as possible, preparing your body...


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    Here you will find a compilation of prenatal-safe workouts in WRITTTEN ONLY format for you to take on-the-go or perform at your own pace. With simple modifications (included), these workouts are safe for any trimester!