WEEK 28 - WEEK 40

WEEK 28 - WEEK 40

13 Seasons

The final stretch, mamas! The 3rd trimester program takes you from week 28 through your last days of pregnancy. We start to incorporate pelvic floor lengthening, hip mobility, and more! This phase is all about maintenance - staying consistent with movement as much as possible, preparing your body and mind for birth, and continuing to build strength that will support you postpartum. You got this!

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WEEK 28 - WEEK 40
  • Express Lower Body Sculpt

    Episode 1

    Get in a quick sweat with this 20 minute express booty workout. The best part? No equipment needed!

  • Chest + Tricep Burner

    Episode 2

    This chest, triceps, and shoulder AMRAP style workout will leave your total arms feeling strong and toned

    Equipment: box, medium weights, resistance bands

  • Leg Burn & Firm

    Episode 3

    This burn + firm combo workout incorporates 2 circuits. One with high intensity and one with low intensity focusing. This combo was one of our favorite workouts!

    Equipment: medium weights, resistance bands

  • Back Biceps Core Spicy Strength

    Episode 4

    Today we're focusing on your back, biceps, and core in this spicy strength workout.

    Equipment: medium weights, heavy weights, chair