WEEK 13 - WEEK 27

WEEK 13 - WEEK 27

15 Seasons

Here are your workouts for the 2nd Trimester! We take a methodical approach to building strength, increasing your core capacity, and continuing to train for birth and beyond. Throughout this trimester we will begin to modify movements to accommodate for your growing belly. Please take note of any abdominal coning - if you see coning coming through the center of your abdominal wall, please modify that movement. If you need any help with modifications, don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected]

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WEEK 13 - WEEK 27
  • Glutes Supersets

    Episode 1

    Four sets of supersets in this workout to get your glutes, thighs, and hamstrings firing.

    Equipment: medium weights, heavy weights

  • Anti-Core Upper Body

    Episode 2

    For my mama-to-be's, this upper body will have you feeling good and benefit your body in SO many ways. NOTE: to create a door anchor with your long resistance band, you can wrap it through a roll of toilet paper and then shut it in the door.

    Equipment: box, resistance bands

  • Sculpt Your Legs

    Episode 3

    One of Amanda's personal favorite lower body days. A fun mix of strengthening and sculpting moves!

    Equipment: medium weights, heavy weights, box

  • Shoulder Burn

    Episode 4

    Absolute shoulder BURN. We hit our chest, triceps, and shoulders with this workout. We have a timed circuit + a tempo challenge that will keep you engaged and burning

    Equipment: box, medium weights