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Upper Body & Core Blast



  • Slow Build Upper Body

    This tempo challenge targets your chest triceps and shoulders. You know we love a good tempo challenge here at Build & Burn to really slow things down and strengthen the muscles. This workout puts the "Build" in Build and Burn!

    Equipment: light weights, medium weights, resistance bands

  • Total EMOM Arms

    Targeting our back, biceps, and core with this upper body EMOM with a twist. Instead of 60-seconds, we're doing a 90-second 'EMOM'. This workout is medium intensity, but still makes it into our HIIT category, so get ready! :)

    Equipment: medium weights

  • Upper Body Ladder Burn

    This timed circuit + ladder combo is guaranteed to BURN the upper body. We're specifically working our chest, triceps, and shoulders here with spicy moves!

    Equipment: medium weights, light weights