WEEK 5 - WEEK 12

WEEK 5 - WEEK 12

8 Seasons

This 1st trimester program will take you from week 5 through week 12 of your pregnancy. There may be days where you're feeling low energy & on those days, feel free to drop down in weights or go completely bodyweight. This is program is made to motivate you through your 1st trimester, but please take it as you need it on a daily basis. Good luck, mama!

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WEEK 5 - WEEK 12
  • Sweaty Intense Legs

    Episode 1

    Strong & shweaty legs with Amanda - let's get it! My hamstrings & glutes were SHAKING after this one. Good luck ;)

    Equipment: chair, heavy weights, medium weights, resistance bands

  • Chest Tri's & Shoulders AMRAP

    Episode 2

    Let's HIIT those chest, triceps, & shoulders. Set your timer and get through as many rounds as possible with me. We finish with a quick finisher strength circuit & cool down

    Equipment: chair, medium weights

  • Well Rounded Yoga Flow

    Episode 3

    Yoga for any trimester in your pregnancy with the amazing prenatal yoga instructor, Kristen.

    Equipment: no equipment

  • Strong Back Biceps & Core

    Episode 4

    Starting off with a prenatal core circuit & ending with a back & biceps burner.

    Equipment: medium weights, heavy weights, long resistance band