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Functional Back & Bi's



  • 10-Minute Tight Hips & Pelvic Floor L...

    This birth-prep stretch is great for opening up those tights hips & preparing the pelvic floor to continue to practice lengthening for birth! Full workout written below. We're doing 45 seconds for each pose, repeat 2-4x.

    - Asymmetrical rocking lunge
    - Seated figure-4 rocks
    - Back lying knee circ...

  • Soft Energy Boosting Upper Body

    Low intensity, energy-boosting upper body workout focusing our chest, triceps, & shoulders.

    Equipment: medium weights, chair

  • 12-Minute Low Back Release

    This low back release is part of our birth prep stretching series where we go through gentle poses and diaphragmatic breathing to loosen those stiff muscles and joints! Full workout below; repeat 2-4x as needed.

    1. Elevated child's pose + diaphragmatic breathing - 10 breaths
    2. Pelvic circles - ...