Build & Burn moms - this one's for you! These workouts are safe for any trimester. Please also check out our Pregnancy Program by trimester (see: Pregnancy/Postpartum Category) if you're looking for a full pregnancy program.

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  • Lower Body Conditioning

    A strength/HIIT combo leg day that will speed on by with a timed format of... round 1: 90 seconds on, 30 seconds off, round 2: 60 seconds on, 15 seconds off, round 3: 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off

    Equipment: box, medium weights, heavy weights, jump rope

  • Shoulder Burn

    Absolute shoulder BURN. We hit our chest, triceps, and shoulders with this workout. We have a timed circuit + a tempo challenge that will keep you engaged and burning

    Equipment: box, medium weights

  • Strong Leg AMRAP

    Feel GOOD strength workout with an AMRAP + pulsing challenge to finish it off

    Equipment: medium weights, heavy weights, resistance bands

  • All Trimesters Yoga Flow

    Feel good & strong flow for your full body with our prenatal instructor, Kristen

    Equipment: no equipment

  • Arm Tempo Challenge

    STRONG back, biceps, and core. We have an activation superset, tempo challenge, + a brutal minutes finisher. Get ready to WERK

    Equipment: medium weights, resistance bands

  • Shred Your Arms

    Prenatal shoulders, chest, & triceps will actually be shaking from this. This should be titled "good luck tightening your ponytail"

    Equipment: chair, medium weights, resistance bands

  • Chest Tri's & Shoulders AMRAP

    Let's HIIT those chest, triceps, & shoulders. Set your timer and get through as many rounds as possible with me. We finish with a quick finisher strength circuit & cool down

    Equipment: chair, medium weights

  • Total Arm Strength

    With a focus on chest, triceps, and shoulders this total arm strength workout is guaranteed to make those arms shake

    Equipment: box, medium weights, resistance bands

  • HIIT It Upper Body

    AMRAP focused back, biceps, and core. We separate the 3 amrap's between strength, performance, and core

    Equipment: light weights, medium weights, resistance bands

  • Low Intensity Arms

    Chest, tricep, and shoulder focus. This superset style workout is easy to follow along and will absolutely light up your muscles in just 30 minutes!

    Equipment: medium weights, resistance bands

  • Upper Body Back & Bi's Emom

    Back, biceps, and core functional style workout. This EMOM upper body workout circuit will have you DRIPPING!

    Equipment: medium weights, heavy weights

  • Total Leg Strength

    Pop country lower body strength day! activation superset, AMRAP, and lunge finisher. Let's work!

    Equipment: chair, medium weights, resistance bands

  • Strong Back, Biceps, & Core

    Pure strength circuits here with a big ladder circuit that will make you feel so strong

    Equipment: medium weights, resistance bands

  • Anti-Core Lower Body

    This lower body anti-core workout will challenge your deep core through targeted anti-flexion & anti-lateral flexion moves

    Equipment: medium weights, heavy weights

  • Chest + Tricep Burner

    This chest, triceps, and shoulder AMRAP style workout will leave your total arms feeling strong and toned

    Equipment: box, medium weights, resistance bands

  • 2nd Trimester Lower Body Yoga Flow

    With a lower body focus, Kristen will take us through a feel good and strong flow for prenatal ladies in their 2nd trimester

    Equipment: none

  • 2nd Trimester Full Body Flow

    Full body flow for 2nd trimester specific mamas. Targeting and lengthening our arms, legs, and core here

    Equipment: none

  • Hip Opener Stretch

    Deep hip stretch for my mamas. This is SO good to do before bed or throughout the day. A lot of tightness holds in our hips and we are going to loosen them up in just 10 minutes

    Equipment: no equipment

  • Slow & Grow Back/Biceps

    Back, biceps, core strength + rep focused. Taking it slow with this strength workout!

    Equipment: medium weights, resistance bands

  • Strong Back Biceps & Core

    Starting off with a prenatal core circuit & ending with a back & biceps burner.

    Equipment: medium weights, heavy weights, long resistance band

  • Shoulders, Chest, Triceps, & Cardio

    HIITing those chest, triceps, & shoulders with a mix of cardio & strength.

    Equipment: chair, light weights, medium weights

  • Lower Body Strengthen & Lengthen

    This lower body workout focuses on strengthening & lengthening those muscles! Get ready for that booty to BURN.

    Equipment: medium weights, heavy weights, resistance band

  • Lower Body Hammies & Glutes

    Let's have some fun with today's lower body day! We're incorporating rotational moves to continue to prepare your hips for birth.

    Equipment: medium weights

  • Functional Chest & Shoulders

    Emphasizing the chest & shoulders in today's functional workout. Expected a mix of cardio & strength to keep you sweating over the next 30-minutes!

    Equipment: chair, medium weights, heavy weights