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  • Total Body Tone & Sculpt

    Upper, lower, & core all with no equipment. 1 AMRAP + 1 circuit to leave you feeling good!

    Equipment: no equipment

  • 20-Minute Strong Glutes & Legs

    Quads, glutes, and hamstrings roasted and toasted here

    Equipment: medium weights, heavy weights

  • Glute Burn & Sculpt

    Combining pulses with full reps for this spicy glute burn.

    Equipment: no equipment

  • 20-Minute Booty & Core Quick HIIT

    Grab a band and your glutes will be on fire with this quick HIIT

    Equipment: resistance bands

  • Bodyweight Booty

    BURN your booty with this bodyweight workout. Strengthening your glutes and lower back here

    Equipment: no equipment

  • Lower Body Build

    Let's build some muscle with today's lower body strength workout! Hope you came ready to WORK.

    Equipment: chair, medium weights, resistance bands

  • Low Impact Strength

    Feel good lower body that will have your glutes on FIRE

    Equipment: chair, medium weights, resistance bands

  • Well Rounded Yoga Flow

    Yoga for any trimester in your pregnancy with the amazing prenatal yoga instructor, Kristen.

    Equipment: no equipment

  • Core & Cardio Blast

    Brutal minutes switching between core and cardio for a sweaty workout. Using light dumbbells and an optional jump rope for cardio

    Equipment: light weights, jump rope (optional)

  • Hamstrings & Glutes Live Workout

    Our LIVE lower body strength workout was so fun. Thanks for joining & way to kick to crush this leg day

    Equipment: medium weights

  • Back & Bi's EMOM

    Getting your heart rate up and making your stronger with this EMOM workout. Long resistance band is used in a few exercises, but you can always just use dumbbells

    Equipment: light weights, medium weights, resistance bands

  • Total Leg Burn

    No jumping in this (semi) low intensity leg workout. Let's sweat!

    Equipment: light weights, medium weights

  • Chest, Triceps, & Shoulders

    Upper body STRENGTH focused on chest, triceps, and shoulders. We want to apologize in advance for when you try to put your hair up tomorrow lol.

    Equipment: light weights, medium weights

  • Legs for Days

    Spicing things up with 1+1/2 reps instead of your typical 1 rep. Grab a medium/heavy set of dumbbells and let's get moving

    Equipment: chair, medium weights, heavy weights

  • Strong Upper Body Flow

    Feel good flow with a lot of planks and push-ups

    Equipment: no equipment

  • Energy Boosting Lower Body

    Took my energy from 0-100 with this strength workout. Sometimes all you need is to accomplish a build & burn leg day to show you that you CAN do anything.

    Equipment: chair, medium weights, heavy weights

  • Core & Cardio

    You can actually do all of these moves with no equipment, but we use a dumbbell and long band, so grab those if you have them. Please let us know a new name for "under the fence" squats lol

    Equipment: medium weights, resistance bands

  • Spicy Cardio & Lower Body HIIT

    Tabata & timed circuit that will get your heart PUMPING and legs shaking. Long resistance band and jump rope are optional!

    Equipment: jump rope, medium weights, resistance bands

  • Full Body Power Flow

    Certified yoga instructor, Ashley leads us through a power flow to strengthen and lengthen our muscles. Feeling so empowered and at peace after this flow

    Equipment: no equipment

  • Core Strong Power Yoga

    Instructor Ashley will take us through 30 minutes of guided yoga with an emphasis on a strong core. We work all angles of our core here and leave feeling lengthened and tightened

    Equipment: none

  • Tricep Killer Upper Body HIIT

    shoulder, chest, triceps focused HIIT workout. Going through a rep focused circuit + a timed circuit. Ps. there are burpees...

    Equipment: chair, light weights, medium weights

  • Feel Good Legs

    These legs are going strengthen themselves, but this workout will. A hard, but feel good leg day!

    Equipment: chair, heavy weights, medium weights

  • 30 Minute Light Power Flow

    Light full body flow with yoga instructor, Chelsea. Feel stretched and lengthened after this flow

    Equipment: none

  • Fire Full Body Flow

    Core, upper body, and legs all mixed in to this strengthening and lengthening flow with Chelsea

    Equipment: none